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Client Case Studies

While Silver Fin Capital appreciates transactions that happen quickly and without complications, we never shy away from funding projects that lean a little to the cumbersome. While we’re definitely in the funding business, our clients continually remind us that we’re first and foremost in the problem-solving business. We find that as a real compliment given some of the challenges we faced and overcome for the benefit of our clients.

Medical office condominium space. Commercial loans for business operations and expansion.
Medical center reception area. Commercial loans for business expansion.

Medical Office Condominium Space

An orthodontist was renting space in a medical building. Business was booming, and he needed more space. A nearby medical office condominium was in its final sales phase. The doctor liked the idea of being able to design his office space to fit his needs perfectly. That move meant a sizeable financial investment on his part. After being turned down by his local bank (which he had done business with for many years), he started shopping for funding. He contacted Silver Fin Capital. We guided him through the entire process and saved him a lot of money and time.

Wiser to Buy than Rent

George had been searching for a new location (not too far from his current store) to accommodate a larger showroom plus storage and a shipping area. The larger storage area would allow him the space he needed to add an online department with plenty of inventory.

He fell in love with the first property he saw. As a showroom, it had great street appeal, tons of storage and, best of all, free parking in the rear. There was room for a shipping department, too, to support his online sales.

He visited with the leasing agent several times and discussed fees. When he told this story to a long-time friend, the friend suggested it might be better for him to buy than rent. His immediate response was that that would be way too expensive. His friend suggested he speak with Silver Fin Capital.

When the Silver Fin Capital Commercial Division loan originator ran the numbers for George, buying was definitely within his reach from a cashflow perspective. When George’s accountant looked at the deal in terms of tax savings and depreciation, buying suddenly made even more sense. Plus, he would be building equity.

Silver Fin Capital Commercial Division worked with George every step of the way, providing advice, helping arrange for a loan at a great rate, and to speed and simplify the transaction. He told us after we closed that he hadn’t  been so charged about his business than the first day he opened for business way back when.

Wiser to buy than rent commercial office space. Commercial loans from Silver Fin Capital Group.
Need additional warehouse space? Call Silver Fin Capital for a commercial loan.
Get a commercial loan to expand your property holdings and expand your business through Silver Fin Capital Group.
Commercial capital for investment, real estate and business growth.
Business loads for increased office and warehouse space.

More than a Warehouse

Storage space is tough to find in and around Jersey City. It’s expensive and it’s inconvenient. That’s how this business owner wound up with two storage areas miles away from each other and miles away from his assembly area. He told us, “It was like driving the Bermuda triangle every day. Our driver was always caught in traffic and he would disappear for hours.”

When he came across a building with a sign that said, “For Sale or Lease.” he made arrangements to see the property. It was perfect. It would allow him to consolidate manufacturing and storage in one location — and a well-situated location for his employees, too.

His long-time bank turned him down in a New York minute. So, he looked around. He told us he came across Silver Fin Capital online and called to speak with a loan expert.

Not only did he get a great education about financing commercial property, but he was able to get the advice he needed from our team of experts that orchestrated everything. Bottom line, Silver Fin Capital came through for him big time. Great rate and everything moved forward like clockwork.

Multiple Lender Sources

A Poughkeepsie, New York real estate developer reached out to Silver Fin Capital following his disappointing experience with his long-time local bank. He discovered, much to his dismay, his bank offered only a limited number of programs and he and his business didn’t fit any of them.

When he contacted us, he was pleased to discover that Silver Fin Capital works with an ever increasing lender network and how that allows our loan officers to match his needs with the lender options that made the most sense for them.

But that’s only part of the story. The business owner was extremely impressed with Silver Fin Capital’s professionalism, our ability to provide a thorough education about commercial loans and options, and our ability to speed and simplify the entire process.

Everyday, Silver Fin Capital translates the goals of business owners and professionals into action: delivering better advice, better solutions, excellent pricing, and superior service.

Real estate development with a commercial business loan through Silver Fin Capital.
Real estate construction and development. Business loans from Silver Fin Capital.
No-stress commercial capital loans for business development.

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